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Services We Provide

Services We Provide

What are the services that Golden kids offer?

Golden kids offers daily Individualize Educational program (IEP) for each student and works accordingly. Measuring the improvement, next step is taken. Golden kids them strongly believes that combined effort of teachers, theraphists and guardians can bring x children to a normal stage gradually. Apart from these, Golden kids offers the followings services:

1. Golden kids team conduct case study on children having autism consulting with guardians and subsequently submit the report.

2. One teacher supervises only one children very closely. In special case, two children are kept under one teacher`s supervision.

3. Measures are taken according to the list of behaviour.

4. Though “Occupational Theraphy (OT)“ Highper Activity of some children is reduced. As a result, their attention are increased.

5. Our team teach the word to the children through regular “Speech & Language Theraphy“.

6. Golden kids them help the children grow interest in eating and sleeping those have such kind of problem.

7. Day to day tasks are taught regularly. For example, eating with own hand, wear clothes by their own, use toilet, to say about going toilet (even through sign) etc.

8. Song, music and drawing are taught.

9. “Outing programs“ for students are organized to different places.

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