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The school’s approach is to provide a secure environment in which every child can develop individually. We strive to motivate and encourage children to reach his or her full potential. We believe that a child’s first experience of school should be both stimulating and exciting.

The entry class is vigilantly structured so that the children’s transition from home to school is a positive and rewarding experience. Parents are encouraged to stay in the classroom for the first few days until their children have settled. The program includes regular art and craft activities, singing, role play, free play, stories. We also introduce per-reading and per-writing skills and begin practical numeracy.

Teachers work to establish a balanced atmosphere of acceptance and challenge. We make encouraging environment for children wherein they can be composed enough to concentrate, yet free enough to experiment and make mistakes without feeling exposed or self conscious. We aim to give a firm foundation in the basic skills of language and number.

Therefore, we incorporate project works, enactments, narrations, and so forth. This encourages general knowledge and enhances self confidence.

We also include field trips for Nursery, Junior and Senior KG children to facilitate their classroom learning.


Cognitive Development
Language Development
Physical Development
Creative Development
Socio - Emotional Development
Knowledge and Understanding of the world
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