golden kids welfare foundation(GKWF)

Registered by Joint Stock Companies and firms, Bangladesh; (Registration # S-12900/2018)

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About Us

Golden Kids Welfare Foundation (GKWF): A Place for Special Learning

The Golden Kids Welfare Foundation (GKWF) is for making the life of Special Children easier to this early-world. It started its official journey in 2016. With its endeavour, the GKWF has tried to get acquainted with the significant number of initiatives of the country which are running with such a common goal and registered it legally at Joint Stock Companies under the SOCIETIES REGISTRATION ACT, 1860 in 2017. Moreover, a series of views exchanges have been held with the eminent scholars and institutes dedicated to the teaching of special children in this regard. Their dedication, guidance, and time to time advice have greatly encouraged the GKWF to continue the endeavour. Basically, the GKWF is for ensuring international standard schooling with all types of facilities for Special Children. So, those who have a dream to help Special Children and those who are ready with necessary competency, at the same time, to accept it as one of his/her main tasks in life, the GKWF welcome them to work together in finding easier ways of life in the country irrespective of their socio-economic condition. The findings of international standard research conducted across the globe on the various issues of special children will be disseminated widely through its own social medial platforms. And in this way, it will be a popular and ultimate HUB for the well-being of the special chilfen around the globe in general and particularly in Bangladesh.

Our vision

To establish as an Autism specific scool to provide quality autism specific education and healthcare to each individual as per their need and extend social supports to develop their optimal personal growth and real life skills for further education or enterprising work.

Our Mission

To create an environment to celebrate the uniqueness of every child with autism by offering education based on the needs and special abilities of individual learner and empower individual with Autism Spectrum Disorder and their families to fully participate in the community.

Executive Committee

Prof. Dr. M. Shamsul Haque


Prof. Dr. Kazi Shahdat Kabir

Founder & General Secretary

Lieutenant Colonel Aqtedar Ahmed Siddiqui(Retd)

Senior Vice Chairman

Dr. Md. Abdul Aziz


Ms. Rosita Haque.


Muhammad Khorshed Ali Mondal

Country Manager, Dhakai Bangladesh

chief Patron

Prof. Dr. Abu Yousuf Md. Abdullah

Northern University Bangladesh(NUB).

Vice Chancellor

Northern University Business and
Technology Khulna(NUBTK).


Mr. Momin Ud Dowlah
Chairman and Managing Director

Eon group of Industries, DHAKA

Giasuddin Selim
Film Director and Screenwriter
Mr. Nazim Uddin Ahmed
Managing Director

Urban Design & Development Ltd.

Mr. Md. Khalilur Rahman
Managing Director

National Housing Finance and Investment Ltd.

Dr. Mohammad Naveed Ahmed
Managing Partner

Miyako Appliances Bangladesh.

Dr. Muhammad Belal Hossain
Founder & CEO

Orchid Asia Infotech Sdn.Bhd (Malaysia)

Chairman's desk

In the words of Ken Robinson, an authority on education in his book ‘the element: How finding your passion changes everything’ says key to this transformation is not to standardiz education, but to personalize it, to build achievement on discovering the individual talents of each child, to put students in an environment where they want to learn and where they can naturally discover their true passions.’ We at Golden Kids Welfare Foundation and Golden Kids School are committed to our priorities which focus on success for all students, improve student engagement in all that contributes to making our students the 21st Century Learners. Our school had a humble beginning and we are proud that the relentless efforts of all the stakeholders during the preceding years have put the school as one of the Excellent and flourishing Schools in Bangladesh. We shall strive to make the education a joyful process. We are proud for the work that has been done in the past and shall endeavor to raise the standards further. We look forward to a future where we will excel and work in unison to provide meaningful learning opportunities for the children. I think the greatest gift we can give to our children is the training to be not the best in the world but to be the best for the world.

With Best Wishes
Professor Dr.M.Shamsul Haq
Golden Kids Welfare Foundation